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January '24 Kauai Real Estate Statistics

February 2, 2024

The Kauai real estate market saw a bump in activity this past month with a jump in single-family home sales of more than 80% compared to January of 2023. However, condo sales declined by roughly 35% during that same time period. Median home sale prices also skyrocketed by more than 75% while condo prices also jumped nearly 30%.

Although the interest rates are still relatively high, we've seen them come down some over the past weeks. While still far from the low rates we've seen in recent years, the slow decline has helped the real estate market see some increasing action. What does the rest of the year hold? Contact us today at (808) 742-7110 to discuss your options should you be looking to enter the Kauai real estate market or need assistance with management of your property.

Taba Realty & Development, LLC is a full service Kauai real estate company that offers assistance with buying and selling Kauai real estate and also assisting owners with their Kauai property management needs. Contact us at (808) 742-7110 should you have any questions in regards to our services. You will discover why Taba Realty is the premium choice for all your Kauai real estate and Kauai property management needs.