My Date With A Supermodel

OK so it wasn’t a date as in going out together, but rather the  date of my encounter with Petra Nemcova. Here is my amusing  story of my brush with a supermodel.

I have to start by saying I was bummed when Petra was kicked  off “Dancing with the Stars” last night. I am not a fan of the  show, but I was intrigued by this season’s contestants because  she was one of them. You see, I met Petra this past July when I was serving as a volunteer in Southern Thailand.

As you may know, Petra was a survivor of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. That experience led her to starting a foundation to assist children affected by natural disasters through her Happy Hearts Fund. She recently opened a school in Thailand near the town she was staying in when the tsunami struck. This past summer she was there visiting the kids and the administrators. One of the staff from the church I was helping, served as her translator during her trips to the school.

The church recently opened a cafe to help raise funds and to build relationships with the surrounding community. One day on the way back to her hotel, Petra wanted to grab some lunch so they stopped at our cafe. Contrary to popular belief, supermodels do eat food. She ordered the slow-roasted chicken with vegetables and a hot green tea.

At the cafe we don’t serve “hot” green tea, only iced or blended green tea drinks. The reason is because we extract the flavor with an espresso machine and loose tea leaves, but I told her I would try. Her tea was dark green, a lot darker than your everyday green tea. With the cold green tea drinks I would add condensed milk and evaporated milk to make it sweeter, but you don’t add those to hot drinks.

I asked her to taste it and I could tell the green tea flavor was too overwhelming. She asked if there was some type of sweetener she could use that was not sugar, since she doesn’t eat sugar. I told her we don’t have any artificial sweeteners, only regular sugar. She asked if we had honey, but I told her we only have honey syrup which is a blend of honey and sugar. She asked if she could try it with some maple syrup, but we only had Log Cabin syrup which has sugar. Three strikes! She then asked if she could just add more hot water. I thought, “Finally, a request I can actually fulfill.” Even after all that, she still was kind enough to drink some of the tea, even though I don’t think it tasted good. Our saving grace was she liked the food and she ate all of her order. She was very appreciative and gracious and I waived the charge for the green tea in the end.

I never thought I would meet a supermodel, let alone in the boonies of Southern Thailand. I am very thankful for Petra’s work with the Happy Hearts Fund because I know how much the children in the area are benefitting from this new school. Petra may no longer have fans supporting her dancing stint on TV, but she still has countless fans in all the children she is devoted to helping around the world. Way to go Petra!


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