To Tattoo or not to Tattoo

Have you ever seen someone’s tattoo design and thought, “What were they thinking?” Or maybe you have a tattoo and questioned your choice of ink art. Now have you ever gone to someone’s house or seen one on TV and after seeing a certain feature or layout thought the same thing, “What were they thinking?”

Many of you may know people who have/had “significant other” tattoos, but they are no longer together. Or maybe someone has a tattoo in a different language, only to find out the meaning is different from what they thought. Tattoos are like fixtures on our body, and similar to real estate, can cause regret down the road if we are not careful with our choices. Designs that are trendy now, may not be in the future. Or we may love something enough today to make it permanent, only to grow out of it later. Sure, things can be done to either a tattoo or a home to “fix” it, but it comes at a cost and can leave lasting unwanted memories.

Homeowners also need to contemplate their choices because they too can be final. House hunting shows on TV have shown places where careful or practical planning may not have been a factor. There have been bedrooms so narrow you can stretch out your arms and touch both sides at the same time, bathrooms where you can’t sit on the toilet without hitting your knees on the wall, and kitchens so tight some of the appliances have to be in another room. Homeowners also have to be wary of fads that may be “in” right now, but could end up hurting the value of your home in the future. While not always the case, some past examples would be rooms covered in wood paneling, wallpaper or bathrooms with colored toilets.

One thing to keep in mind is just because you like it, doesn’t mean it’s best for your home. Quirky or unique additions or features in a home can give it personal flavor, but from a possible resale standpoint, can decrease its value. Home buyers are looking to purchase a house to make it their own, and may not want to buy a home where the previous owner’s tastes are evident.

Therefore, before making any home improvements, check with experts to see if it will add value to your house or if it could cause more harm than good. You can also check our Kauai real estate Facebook page at for tips on which improvements net the best returns. As for getting a tattoo, it’s a personal decision. If you decide to get one, just remember, it’s something you’ll have for the rest of your life so choose wisely.

Erin Koshi (RA) is a Kauai real estate agent at Taba Realty & Development, LLC in Koloa. Taba Realty specializes in Kauai real estate, whether residential and commercial sales, residential and commercial property management, development services or consulting. You may contact Erin at

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