Surviving Small Spaces

How much would you pay for 86 sq. ft. of living space? Probably not much, but a young woman on “House Hunters International” on HGTV toured that studio apartment in Paris. The list price…about $140,000! Can you believe that?!? Sure it was in a trendy area in Paris, but to have your bedroom, (bathroom was in common area), kitchen and living space crammed in there might be a little too cozy. And you thought Kauai’s real estate prices were outrageous. It sort of put things in perspective.

Derek Jeter, on the other hand, just finished his new home in Tampa, Florida which has seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms. The living space totals more than 30,000 sq. ft. Now how much of that do you think he will actually use in his daily life? Probably not even half. It is undoubtedly an amazing house with all the bells and whistles, but most of you would agree, way too extravagant.

With the unstable housing market, many people are now searching for affordable homes and learning more about living within their means. However, just because you can’t afford that mega-mansion, doesn’t mean you have to give up on your ideal house. It may no longer be your “dream home” but these new affordable options may suit you better. You can learn to make the most of what you have, instead of having that larger-than-life house with wasted space. Check out today’s tips on our Facebook page at for ideas on maximizing the most of the space you have. Whether you own your own home, or are in the market for one, this article can help you focus on the best ways to utilize your available space.

In today’s economy it is more about learning what you need rather than what you want. Instead of making a wish list, think about creating a checklist of necessary things you’re looking for in a home. This will not only trim down any unrealistic expectations, but also ease the burden on your wallet as well.

Erin Koshi (RA) is a Kauai real estate agent at Taba Realty & Development, LLC in Koloa. Taba Realty specializes in Kauai real estate, whether residential and commercial sales, residential and commercial property management, development services or consulting. You may contact Erin at

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