Prepare to Succeed

Why is buying a home such a nerve-racking experience for many people? Are there ways to cut down on the stress of buying your biggest single investment? Yes there is, as long as you do your homework.

A large part of being confident during a house hunt comes with preparing yourself for the adventure. The process does not have to be scary. It’s only frightening when you are not prepared. Think back to when you were in school and had a pop quiz…the sweating, the nerves, the blank stares. Your reaction probably would have been different if you were given time to study before the test. When you know the subject and understand the material, then you are more confident and may know the answer even before finishing the question.

This should also be the case when searching for your home. You need to be knowledgeable about the Kauai real estate market before diving in to the hunt. If you are prepared, you will know what to expect during the process. You will also be better equipped for any unforeseen circumstances that may arise. In the end you will be happy with your choice because you did your homework. If you do not prepare ahead of time, it could be the difference between closing the deal on your dream house or losing it to someone else.

If you are ready to begin your search, be sure to talk to an expert. You can start with searches on the internet to get a basic idea, but seek out a Kauai real estate agent for the most current information that affects your area. Remember that rules and restrictions differ between states, islands and sometimes even towns, so consult with a real estate expert who knows all the facts that will affect you.

Check out our Facebook business page at for today’s hints on what to expect during your house hunt. These are basic guidelines and will help you feel more comfortable with the process. Please contact us with your questions or for further explanations regarding Kauai’s real estate regulations and laws that could have an impact on your future purchase.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Ben Franklin

Erin Koshi (RA) is a Kauai real estate agent at Taba Realty & Development, LLC in Koloa. Taba Realty specializes in Kauai real estate, whether residential and commercial sales, residential and commercial property management, development services or consulting. You may contact Erin at

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