A bomb?…No, just cheese.

“Sir, is that a bomb in your bag?”

“No, it’s my cheese.”

I’m sure the conversation wouldn’t be quite so cordial, but that’s a situation I potentially faced at the airport. I was bringing different gourmet-type cheese from Oahu to Kauai, and wasn’t sure if I could carry it in my carryon. I read numerous online forums about how TSA won’t allow it because blocks of cheese look like explosives and some people have had their cheese confiscated. Other people said they had no problems. I didn’t want to pack the cheese in my luggage because I could imagine my luggage just sitting in the hot sun on the tarmac and my cheese melting in my bag. I emailed the TSA figuring they would have the most accurate information, but they emailed back and said it would take about three weeks for an answer. I was leaving in three days. Finally when I got to the airport I went up to a TSA agent before checking in and asked if I can put cheese in my carryon. She said as long as it’s hard cheese, it’s okay. No problem.

Isn’t that how life is sometimes? We search all over for the answers, when we should have just gone straight to the source. The internet is a great tool, but with so much information, how do you know what is correct? The same can be true with real estate. You can search online for advice and information, but how do you know it’s accurate? Each market is different. Just because one thing is true in one town, doesn’t mean it’s valid in another.

At Taba Realty, we were both born and raised on Kauai. We know the different areas of the island and understand Kauai’s real estate market and how it affects you. You can search online for tips and ideas, but you should seek an expert for the best and most accurate information. Taba Realty is committed to serving clients with knowledge and expertise, but also with old-fashioned, local values. We want to assure you receive the best, personalized service available.

TSA, while experts in the field, was not able to answer my questions about the cheese in a timely manner because the agency is too busy. That’s why Taba Realty is a perfect fit for your individualized needs. Being part of a smaller company allows for more personalized and professional service. But don’t just read about it, experience it firsthand by contacting us with your real estate questions. Stop trying to do it on your own or looking in the wrong place for the answers. Choose Taba Realty as your resource center for all your Kauai real estate needs.

Erin Koshi (RA) is a Kauai real estate agent at Taba Realty & Development, LLC in Koloa. Taba Realty specializes in Kauai real estate, whether residential and commercial sales, residential and commercial property management, development services or consulting. You may contact Erin at erin@tabarealty.com.

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