Defeating Goliath

Talk about an edge-of-your-seat, nail-biter! If you didn’t catch the University of Hawaii men’s basketball game against Utah State, you missed out on one of the greatest moments in the program’s history. No it may not have had your typical fairy tale ending, but the story that unfolded will surely be remembered through the ages.

UH was going up against the undefeated Aggies, the “Goliath” of the Western Athletic Conference. And who should step up to the “David” role in this battle, none other than undersized reserve point guard Miah Ostrowski. While supposedly uneven opponents is nothing new in sports, the most amazing part of this story is that Miah lost his father unexpectedly, just days before the game.

Kui Ostrowski fueled his son’s love for basketball and helped mentor him since the age of five. Such a sudden loss of a loved one could drive anyone into a state of depression, but not Miah. He channeled that pain into passion for the game. His focus and determination helped UH in several clutch moments and to a near victory over the conference leaders. It is not the loss that everyone is talking about, but on Miah’s strength and resilience. After the game, the thousands of fans gave Miah and the rest of the ‘Bows a standing ovation for their effort.

This world may be filled with news of doom and gloom, but with that also comes stories of triumph and strength of the human spirit. What are we focusing on? Where is our heart and our passion? With the state of the economy, real estate market and wars flooding the news, are we letting those “Goliaths” bring us down, or are we willing to tackle them head on. It may be hard, we may be undersized and outmatched, however we should not let that deter us. We can carve our name into history, just as Miah Ostrowski did, by how we face those challenges. In our fabled sports story, Utah State may continue their 15-game win streak, but it seems as though UH was victorious in the end.

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